Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful miracle, but can undoubtedly have some unpleasant side effects such as stretch marks, varicose veins and weak pelvic floor. 

The use of virgin coconut oil as body/hair lotion and massaging oil keep the skin supple and prevent the formation of stretch marks. It will also reduce the likelihood of varicose veins. Stretch marks should be attended to early or before they show up, i.e. before pregnancy or immediately pregnancy occurs as stretch marks can be challenging to “treat” after they have assumed deep indentations. 

Also, including virgin coconut oil in your diet supports the cervix to undergo natural physiological changes required to start labour.

 Virgin coconut oil in the “artificial” diet for the post lactating child (breast milk) helps to prevent herpes, autism, yeast infection, childhood asthma and many childhood ailments and diseases and strengthens the child’s five senses including eyesight, hearing, speech, feeling and the reflexes. 

Makola Oil In Pregnancy