Makola Virgin Coconut Oil is produced in the western region of Ghana – on the west coast of Africa. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted raw from fresh organic mature coconuts and processed at low temperatures. The coconuts are harvested from farms which have used neither inorganic fertilizers nor pesticides since they were planted. 

The traditional methods of cold pressing and fermenting the coconut flesh transform them into a wonderful and healthy virgin coconut oil. This virgin and unadulterated coconut oil is free from bleaching agents, has not been deodorised or fractionated and so maintains all its natural fresh coconut aroma and properties. The oil rich is Lauric Acid, completely cholesterol free, naturally sugar free and has thermogenic calorie burning properties. 

In cool temperatures (below 26°C), the oil is a white solid butter but melts quickly on the skin. If left in a warms to a transparent liquid in warmer temperatures.

To ensure a sustainable supply of fresh coconuts , we have created a coconut growers association with the local farmers. Our production provides a continued demand for the coconut from the community and provides fair prices to the local farmers. 

The by-products of production are also recycled to make the production process even more sustainable. The coconut husks are used as a natural fertiliser to produce abundant crops of quality coconuts. All the other by-products of the virgin coconut oil production process are used to feed livestock, fish and fertilise market gardens.